Prenatal Yoga


Why do you need yoga in Pregnancy?

Throughout your pregnancy you and your baby are deeply connected.  You interact on every level as your baby responds to your actions and your feelings. Your body rhythms are naturally synchronized.  When a baby is consciously nurtured through the whole primal period, from conception to the end of infancy, the result is usually a healthy, robust and psychologically secure and happy child. 

Yoga helps you to focus on your pregnancy in a deeper way, creating the space and time you need to integrate the process of changes taking place and to gradually adjust your priorities and your lifestyle.

Schedule your private or semi-private prenatal class by emailing Lynda at  Cost is $60 for a private class or $30 for a semi-private class.  Classes are 75 minutes.  Participants will be grouped with other expecting women in the same stage of pregnancy.    


** WEEKLY prenatal classes with Lynda Schoberth will be held at One Valpo Studio beginning January, 2019.  Please visit for information. 

Lynda has extensive experience teaching all forms of yoga, holds a 500 hour certification and is certified in prenatal yoga through the Yoga Room in Crown Point.  If you are not sure if your condition will allow for yoga, please consult your doctor.

BUILD physical and emotional strength
STRENGTHEN pelvic floor muscles
RELIEVE fatigue, aches, nausea and back pain
PREVENT leg swelling and varicose veins
REGULATE high and low blood pressure
LEARN breathing techniques to facilitate an easy labor and delivery



Doctors usually recommend six weeks of recovery time for new mothers after a vaginal birth and longer after a cesarean. Have your doctor or midwife check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation), which can affect how you approach your return to working out. When you have been given the OK from your health provider and have no significant bleeding, you can start to do yoga again.  Ease yourself back into your yoga practice, keeping in mind that getting back into shape is a process.

Many new mothers complain about that post-baby belly. Unfortunately, abdominal muscles often don’t just snap back into shape, and most of the time, it takes more than a little coaxing before you can slip comfortably back into those pre-baby jeans. You’ll need to retrain these muscles and work on knitting them back together, as well as strengthen your lower back and pelvic floor.

Our yoga sculpt class focuses on three areas of concern to new moms:  abdominals, spine, and restoring the pelvic floor.  This class combines weight training, barre and yoga to bring you back to feeling and looking good again.