I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 23 years ago. I have had my ups and downs with the chronic pain and extreme fatigue, but for about 6 years, my pain levels have been excruciating. I have been unable to function normally for more than a handful of days at a time without having a major flare up. I have tried every medication, every treatment, every supplement and every exercise program(so I thought). I signed up for yoga at Bleu Lotus after one of their free Sunday afternoon classes. I am 2 weeks and 5 yoga sessions in and I am pain free. I have not had this many pain free days in a row in 10 years. I thought just a couple months ago I was wheelchair bound and I am already feeling as vibrant as I did many, many years ago. I believe the mix of classes, different kinds of strength and flexibility offered, has done miracles for my achy, tired muscles. I recommend this for anyone with chronic pain and fatigue!!!!

Love Love Love, Jennifer B.


For the last five years, I’ve had pain in my knee every time I run, but I’ve always pushed through it I love to run so much. I started doing yoga consistently a few weeks ago, and the pain in my knee is gone! I was always told that stretching and strengthening my quads would be great for my knee, but I hate to do it on my own so I never did. I’m really happy that there is a nice yoga studio in Chesterton that provides consistently good instruction. Thanks very much for opening Bleu Lotus! I love it.

Penny S.


Prior to practicing with Lynda, yoga was only secondary to my cardio workouts.  It quickly became essential to my weekly routine and now takes priority.  I am so grateful to Lynda for teaching me how to exercise from within and always inspiring me to my best.  Practicing with  Lynda will improve your flexibility, strength, balance, concentration, posture, circulation, spirituality, meditation, and relaxation.  Safety is critical as she encourages you to find your edge, “stretching is good, straining is bad”.  She is very knowledgable and explains what benefits you gain from poses.  She emphasizes proper alignment and is ready to give students modifications when necessary.  Her classes are complete with breathe work, sun salutations, balance and sitting poses, meditation, and mindfulness.

Nicole F.


During graduate school, I discovered yoga. I loved how yoga made me feel, however, I did not like being in a small room with seventy other people during my practice. When I came home from my studies, I found Lynda and her Monday morning class. She accommodated me and helps me with my personal growth to this day. I always learn something new when I attend her classes, and each class is different. From a girl who could barely touch her toes to a full body fold, I can vouch that Bleu Lotus definitely offers the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey that true yoga delivers.

Sabrina A.


I first experienced back pain in 2004. No specific injury to the area occurred. However, the severity varied based on how I slept, my activity level, and an evil 6 letter word…stress. When the pain was most acute, I couldn’t even dress myself while standing, I had to take a seated position. Talk about debilitating, alarming, and all around discouraging! Here I was in my mid-twenties and when I would raise my knee to put a pant leg on, my other knee would give out due to the shock of the intensity of pain. Over the past decade I’ve tried quite a few avenues to better my situation which included: physical therapy, personal training, massage, steroid injections to alleviate inflammation, and pain patches. None of which seemed to help. My fiance encouraged me to invest my time and energy into yoga. He said he never felt better than when he practiced. So in an effort to gain control of my ailing back and hopes of achieving overall well-being, I pursued Bleu Lotus Studio. After 8 weeks, going 2 times each week, I am elated to report my back feels better than ever. Just recently I was able to hinge forward and place a sock on my foot, all the while standing. Through yoga, I’ve accompished things my back has prevented me from doing for so long and I have Lynda and the Bleu Lotus staff to thank for that.

Nikki P.


I am a forty-four year old man who is extremely active on a daily basis with a variety of workouts that center on cross-fit type training principles.  I have found the sessions at Bleu Lotus Yoga to be extremely productive for my body to recover and loosen while strengthening.  Since Andrew has a strong athletic background, he is able to transition the body and mind from traditional workout regimens to Yoga.  Lynda’s restorative class was extremely helpful for my hip flexors, hamstrings, and knees. Bleu Lotus Yoga will definitely be incorporated into my training on a regular basis.”

Dan W.


Bleu lotus has become a peaceful oasis from my busy day. The relaxed atmosphere has allowed me to develop at my own pace and the personal attention has really helped me focus on correct alignment and form.

Emilie S.