Bleu Lotus is an inspirational yoga oasis located in the heart of Duneland.

Bleu Lotus Yoga StudioOur welcoming environment was created to serve as a peaceful, community space, with the sincere hope that you discover the power of yoga to transform your life, just as it has ours.  We have classes for all levels and all ages, from beginner to advanced or just those in need of restorative therapy.  All of our teachers have a minimum of 200 hours of training from some of the best yoga schools around and also are committed to a lifelong study of yoga.

At Bleu Lotus, we go to great lengths to make sure it’s about YOU.

That means making sure you are in a class that is right for you and is one that you grow to love. It’s about knowing how to use props and modifications to achieve the best possible practice for you. It’s about a longer class that leaves enough room for pranayama (yogic breathing) and savasana (relaxation). It’s about caring for your body and revitalizing yourself through yoga.

We are confident that you will find Bleu Lotus Yoga to be the perfect place to cultivate a yoga practice to enhance the quality of your life. Come see for yourself.

Just remember to enjoy the ride, because the joy is in the journey, not the destination.

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Learn more about Ayurveda, yoga's sister science and discover the yogic approach to living a happy and healthy life. Ayurveda is a carefully designed system of living that helps to prevent instability caused in the body - whenever homeostasis is disturbed - leading to dis-ease in the body. Two favorite sources for Ayurvedic information include:

www.ayurvedictalk.com and www.ayushveda.com
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When we talk about inner peace at yoga, we can notice or experience the presence of space in which our lives happen ~ no matter what happens in it. There can always be peace in this space, and with practice, whether on a yoga mat or walking on a busy street, we can always notice it when we look. And when we do look, I mean really look ~ you'll notice that there is a stabilizing effect in whatever your experience, good or bad may be. It puts the ever-changing content into perspective, helping you recognize that it’s all relative and fleeting, and also fascinating in that it is happening at all. So, at your next yoga class or just eating dinner tonight, begin the shift in the way you observe things knowing that there is always inner peace behind the words and noise. ... See MoreSee Less