About Us

Lynda Schoberth

Lynda completed her 200 and 500 hour level Samapatti training with the Yoga Room in Crown Point under the direction of Mike Zolfo in June,2015.  In addition to a BA from DePaul University,  Lynda is also certified in prenatal yoga.

As the founder and director of Bleu Lotus, it is her intention to share her passion for yoga with anyone who seeks to learn and experience the healing benefits of yoga; whether physical, emotional or spiritual.  Lynda’s teaching style focuses on a deeper attention to breath-focused asana and vinyasa, thoughtful attention to detail and good foundational alignment. She focuses on challenging the student within their limitations.  One can expect thoughtful hands on adjustments by Lynda. Classes will almost always begin with a mindfulness meditation which blends the physical practice with a spiritual side, leaving her students inspired to grow and with a greater sense of well-being.  


Anne Larkin

IMG_2176Anne was first introduced to yoga in 1990 by her high school swim coach as a way to mentally and physically prepare for meets. When Anne finished swimming competitively at St. Mary’s University, her athletic endeavors quickly switched to running. It was then when she realized how much yoga really meant to her, as she always came back to yoga as a way to relax and heal her muscles and mind. For the past 16 years, Anne has made yoga a part of her life and is currently studying for her 200 hour Samapatti teaching certification under Mike Zolfo of The Yoga Room. Yoga inspires Anne to live each moment mindfully and approaches her classes from a compassion-centered philosophy. Anne holds a B.A. from St. Mary’s College in philosophy and political science, as well as a B.S. from Indiana University South Bend in secondary education. When Anne is away from studying or teaching yoga, she is busy enjoying life with her husband and four children where she resides in Valparaiso.  


Elly Lesnik

Elly has been teaching yoga for 6 years and received her 200 hour certification from Don Wening at Dancing Feet Yoga in New Buffalo, MI.  Her love of yoga radiates through her teachings as she brings light and energy into every moment. Her classes are taught with detailed instruction of each movement and the importance of breath work. You will find a feeling of peace and invigorating energy after enjoying her class. Elly has always considered herself a domestic goddess as she has 4 amazing children and 1 adorable granddaughter. Her family is her proudest accomplishment and treasures family time hanging out at the beach, silly family dinners, and making memories full of laughs.   


Mary Chandler


Mary’s love of movement stems from her many years of ballroom dancing. For over 12 years she dedicated her passions to ballroom and latin dance competition, ballroom lessons and as the owner of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Merrillville, IN.  When the stress of her work began to take its toll, Mary found herself searching for something to bring balance back into her life. Immediately, she took to heart some advice from an Oprah episode about the amazing benefits of yoga. For many years, Mary balanced the athletic demands of dancing with the restorative focus of yoga.  Though Mary has won numerous awards for her achievements in dance and business, she feels that she finally has found the perfect balance in her life with yoga, meditation and dance.

Mary enjoys sharing the intrinsic elements of a longer asana hold, so students can build strength in the mind, body and spirit.  She also takes great care with each adjustment so that her students can feel the organic connection between the body and mind. She also is known to add elements of dance and fluid movement to keep the creative flow moving like a river.

Mary lives in Chesterton. When she’s not dancing or doing yoga, she enjoys all things creative, dancing with her husband, her son’s soccer games or track meets and her two cats; one who is 18 years old the other just 11 months old. Both enjoy joining her at home during yoga practice, especially when they get a ride on her back during cat and cow.  


Maressa Kolo


My intention is to bring a unique theme to each of my classes by encompassing my life experiences and creating connections with my students. In my teachings, I always bring a physical and mental aspect into the sequences. My classes incorporate a mixture of uplifting and soothing music, hands on adjustments, and demonstrations for proper alignment and safety. Yoga has changed my life in such a positive way in both my physical and mental health and my goal is to share this with my students.

In 2014, Maressa received her certification with CorePower Yoga, Hollywood, CA in 2014. She also completed a teacher training extension program with Nicole Orr in Hinsdale, IL.  


Lauren Fernandez

Lauren has been practicing yoga for 8 years. She found with yoga a door that opened to incredible healing, presence, and compassion. In a desire to share the space yoga created for her, Lauren completed her 200 RYT teacher training in Nashville, TN. Lauren teaches an empowering and challenging class, inspiring people to find a deeper connection to their spirit and gratitude for life. She loves a good sweat and pounding heartbeat to know what it feels like to be fully alive.


 Vesna Bukur

Vesna began her exploration of yoga in 2012.  She became addicted to the transformative power of yoga and the mind/body continuum, and continued to study, read, and attend workshops, falling deeper in love with the practice.  She is a graduate of the White Lotus Foundation yoga teacher training program in Santa Barbara, California.  Her classes consist of breath-focused vinyasa, with an emphasis on safe and accessible poses that promote healing and detoxification, helping students tap into their inner peace and intuition.  A graduate of Valparaiso High School and Purdue University, Vesna also enjoys running, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.


Diana Smoot

Diana is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga for 7 years.  She is passionate about teaching the physical, mind and spiritual aspects of yoga as one package and delights in guiding those who are ready for a long journey.  Diana has always been into health and fitness and at a young age became a competitive body builder.  It was when she took her first yoga class that she realized that there was so much more to health than physical fitness.   She is excited to be teaching the Zen Barre Yoga class at Bleu Lotus.   Diana lives with her two young daughters in Miller Beach where she holds beach yoga classes during the summer.  She is also a Real Estate Broker with McColly Real Estate.